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Oct 5, 2012 11:00pm EDT
downhill as of tomorrow afternoon. let's take a look outside right now with the michael and son weather camera. it is 69 degrees currently. still very pleasant and comfortable out there with that dew point of 60. the dew point is starting to rise. southerly winds at 11 miles per hour in front of an approaching system that will bring us some rain by saturday afternoon. all right, so we'll take a look at our weather headlines right now. the great weather we have out there will continue through the rest of the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning. it will be nice. as we head into saturday afternoon, we're looking for a few showers to develop and sunday looks sloppy. it's going to be a messy one and columbus day monday will be a big improvement from sunday. but it won't be as nice as today was. today is the nicest day we will have in quite a while. right now, 61 degrees in leesburg. it is still 64 in andrews air force base. so our temperatures will be held down by the clouds and showers that we get late tomorrow. this approaching cold front has plenty of rain with it now. it wi
Oct 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT
outside. our michael & son weather cam. temperatures still 73. dew point in the low 50s. that's very comfortable. we're looking at drier air moving in, clear skies. winds light now west-northwest at 6. pressurizing at 30.13 inches of mercury. satellite and radar combined, a couple of things to point out. this is impressive snow out of northern sections of minnesota. three to five inches fell. this is the cold air. notice this cold front that's attached to the. this same blast of cold air will go through here saturday afternoon. when it goes through there won't be much fanfare. a couple of showers. what happens on sunday, all of the precipitation develops behind the front. right now some showers through the midwest. some of those could get in here just in time for the second half of the terps game but not a lot of precipitation with the passage of the front. right now we have clear skies, all the clouds and showers from this morning are history. so tomorrow, a great hair day. a fantastic day. a great night for high school football, too. i don't think you will even need a sweat shirt.
Oct 7, 2012 11:30pm EDT
, either. let's take a look outside right now with the michael & son weather cam. 50 degrees, partly cloudy. but outside of town it is much cooler than that. the dew point right now in the 40s, and the winds are light out of the west-northwest, and there you go, you can see that temperature continues to drop. now hat just dropped to 49 degrees at reagan national. in our weather headlines we have the coldest night so far on tap as we head into the overnight hours, frost and freeze warnings have been posted, and a frost is possible in the shenandoah valley. a hard freeze is possible especially in garrett county where the temperatures already dipped to the 30s. you'll see in that a second. as we move into monday into the day, some afternoon and evening showers arriving. you'll see them in just a second. tuesday will be much better. the timing not very good there because that's when most of us head back to work and school. 45 degrees right now in gaithersburg, 51 in annapolis. ace just mentioned it dipped into the 40s in d.c. 43 in manassas. in oakland it's already down into the 30s. 34
Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. let's start with a live look outside. there it is again. this is michael and son weather cam. temperatures still pretty mild. 65 downtown. little bit of light shower activity. not bad. dew point's coming up, upper 50s now. winds turned a little bit but the winds will be nonexistent tonight. it will eventually turn more out of the southeast tomorrow. pressure steady out of the past hour. watching this storm system and really we talked about this earlier. by far and away the bull's-eye and heaviest action of rain will be into the ohio valley and on the west side of the appalachians. the reason why, middle tennessee will move into the ohio valley. that keeps us on the warm side of the storm. the storm circulate counterclockwise so that will give us more of a southerly flow as it moves into the ohio valley. because of that it's also going to keep most of the heavy rain to the west of us. not to say we can't see occasional hof thunderstorms but for the most part, heavy actions of rain on the other side of the appalachians. there are the showers that went through. nothing really he
Oct 4, 2012 1:35am EDT
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Oct 7, 2012 1:35am EDT
at the michael and son weather camera. 56 degrees outside right now. it's still clear, but it is getting chilly. that dew point in the 40s. an indication that temperatures are going to dip overnight tonight. that northerly breeze is going to continue as well and that will keep our temperatures capped. it's not going to warm up. chilly overnight tonight. if you step outside, you are feeling it. the clouds roll in early tomorrow morning and showers by mid-morning for some of us. the heavy rain will arrive as we head into the afternoon and then it will finally clear up as we head late into the night on sunday. monday does look better, so that holiday will be an improvement in our forecast. right now, it's down to 48 degrees. it's 56 downtown in d.c. 53 at andrew's air force base. look at that temperature in cumberland. 43 degrees. there's a frost advisory in place for the panhandle for sunday night. not for tonight, but sunday night and this storm system that is coming toward us will bring the clouds as we head into the morning hours. you can see that there are pockets of heavy rain
Oct 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
at a high summer night. here is our michael and son weather cloud. clouds. still 76. that's ridiculous for this time of year. average high is only supposed to be 74. dew point is way up there. winds are calm. pressure still rising at 30.11 inches of mercury. we have a weak frontal boundary. once this goes through, some dryer air will move in. that will set the stage for a fantastic friday. and we'll also set the stage for a decent afternoon. we'll see sprinkles across much of loudoun county up into montgomery county. nothing heavy. it's all green. light. a couple sprinkles in leesburg. a couple sprinkles up 270 once you get up past the spur. our future cast, there could be a couple sprinkles primarily in the mountains. and notice all of the clouds. that's the gray there. we'll put this into motion. a couple sprinkles maybe by lunch time. nothing heavy. finally by afternoon and evening we see the clouds pull away. we'll see some sunshine. in fact, the most sun we have seen since early on in the week. so it's going to take awhile to clear out again, but not as long as it took
Oct 6, 2012 1:35am EDT
service officer michael killen] we try to reassure him what benefits are out there, and we try to educate him and take some of that stress away from him. p-v-a did a fantastic job making sure that he got those benefits in a timely basis. [michael killen] we helped him apply for automobile grants, special adaptive housing and vocational rehabilitation [andrew pike] right now, i'm going back to school to earn a degree. i'm working with a real estate agency in town with my realtor's license. and i'm just spending time with my wife and child, and just moving on with our lives. just as anyone in my age group would do. [female narrator] paralyzed veterans of america helping veterans secure their benefits and rebuild their lives. you can help. visit p-v-a dot org. >>> breaking news tonight at 11:00. multiple people shot and tonight that shooter is out there somewhere. it happened in the 1300 block of north capital street in northwest. ken just got there. so ken, what have you learned so far? >> reporter: an active scene out here. another violent night. five people shot, four of these peo
Oct 9, 2012 1:35am EDT
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Oct 9, 2012 11:00pm EDT
live look outside. we're looking at temperatures still in the 50s. this is our michael and son weather cam. 59. our raised temps overnight tonight, i don't think it will be as cool as i thought originally. winds light, pressure falling a little bit. satellite picture radar combined, look closely, see some low clouds here that extend essentially back to the mountains or to the continental divide and points east. not a lot of green specks here, so very little in terms of showers but a lot of low clouds and that is the case for tonight and for tomorrow morning. at least in the early part of the morning. here's our futurecast. and by 6:00 you can see the clouds still hanging on. you drop a perpendicular from hagers burg south you have clouds. not much in terms of rainfall or showers. by 11:00, 12:00, boom, we is cleared out nicely. there are some showers showing up now just to the west and northwest of the mountains. that's what the frontal system. some showers are possible in the afternoon as that front goes through. we may see a few clouds come through in the evening but i think the fron
Oct 8, 2012 11:00pm EDT
like day tomorrow and then we improve the rest of the week. a live look outside. our michael and son weather cam. churches are truly low -- temperatures are still low 50s downtown. dew point in the mid-40s. the winds are still north/northeast at 10. there will be an easterly component to this wind through tomorrow. these low clouds will be hard to shake, especially south and east of town. latest radar, here's our rain. everything is green. and in most cases light green. it's very light rain. we'll zoom in a little bit. you can see light activity. the west side of 270 in montgomery county, out route 7 and 50. everything is light so some of the roads could be wet tomorrow, especially south and east of town as the showers sink a little farther south and east overnight. tomorrow, right now we're looking at showers south. tomorrow morning most of the showers kind of into southern maryland. maybe prince george's county and maybe into calvert county and also into st. mary's coun as well. we look at also some activity even into the evening hours down to the south. so clouds are going to be v
Oct 3, 2012 1:35am EDT
our rooftop camera, michael and son weather cam. high was 72. it is still 72. temps have not gone down at all. dew point is 70, which is miserable for early october, quite frankly. and winds are light and the pressure is 2 mpled 926 inchesof mercury. we're going to go from pea soup to a dust storm in paris, california, in riverside county. it's not super big but it gets bigger, and i tell you what, this is spinning just like a little tiny tornado. it's a violently rotating column of air just picking up dust. that's how we can see it. this actually produced a little bit of damage, as it moved off to the north and the east. you didn't see that too often in california. you see it more often in arizona. let's go back to the maps. we'll talk about the next system heading our way. we've got the system just kind of drifting into western kentucky, but the warm front, and that's really the key, is finally going to go through us tomorrow. that's going to do a couple of things. it will make us warmer and give us more sunshine than today. we pretty much have to have more sunshine than today.
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)